2012 Racing Dates

Spring/Summer Meet – April 26 through July 15
Fall Meet – November 7 through December 16

Hollywood Park Meet Stakes Schedule

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Racing Office Contact Information

  • Local: (310) 419-1685
  • Stakes Nominations (after hours): (310)330-7292
  • Racing Secretary: Martin Panza
  • Stakes Coordinator/Asst. Racing Secretary: Dan Eidson
  • Horsemen’s Liaison: Sandy King

Rules of Racing

  • No entry will be received except upon the condition that all disputes, claims and objections arising out of the racing or with respect to the interpretation of the conditions of any race shall be decided by the Stewards, and their decision upon all matters shall be final.
  • At the discretion of the Stewards, and without notice, the entries of any person, or acceptance of transfer of any entries, may be refused.
  • The Stewards reserve the right to withdraw or scratch any horse which, in their opinion will not qualify for the race in which it has been entered.


  • Owners and trainers when entering horses in races are cautioned to check carefully the eligibility of their horse and the allowances claimed in all races. Under the universal rules of racing an owner or trainer is responsible for the eligibility and the weight that their horse carries. The Racing Secretary will be glad to give horsemen any information in respect to their horses that is desired, but the final responsibility rests with the owners and trainers.
  • Entries close at 9:30 a.m., 72 hours before the day of the race or at such time when the Racing Secretary deems that all entries have been taken, unless otherwise specified in the condition book.
    Horses on the also-eligible list are not “in today” horses. Such horses may enter for the succeeding day and receive any preference to which they may be entitled; however, if a horse gets in a succeeding race it will be scratched automatically from the race to which he was an also eligible. Stakes races excluded. The status of such horses should be noted at the time of entry.
  • In all overnight races excluding maiden races, winners will be preferred unless noted in the conditions of the race.
  • In Handicap Stakes, preference will be given based on weight assigned, adjusted for scale and sex allowance, regardless of joint ownership.
  • In Allowance Stakes, preference will be given based on high weights according to allowances adjusted for scale and sex allowance, regardless of joint ownership.
  • The clause “Races when entered for … not considered” applies to both eligibility and allowances unless otherwise qualified.
  • No horse will be allowed to enter in more than one race in any one racing day, sweepstakes included.
  • Any horse drawn into the body of the race because of inaccurate information could be scratched and such horse could lose its previously held date.
  • “Closed Races” are considered as those restricted to “Non-winners of three races other than maiden, claiming or starter,” or less (Non-winners of two races other than maiden, claiming or starter, etc.) Overnight stakes with conditions of non-winners of three races or less will also be considered a closed race.
  • Starter races shall be considered races other than claiming, except where the conditions state to the contrary.
  • Horses penalized in a race shall not be entitled to any of the allowances in such a race. Horses not entitled to the first allowance in a race are not entitled to the second and if not the second, then to any subsequent allowances unless specified in the condition of the race.
  • Retroactive purse changes and bonus payments will not be considered for eligibility, allowances or in any computation of earnings. Earning as reported in the Daily Racing Form will be used for the purpose of determining eligibility, allowances and preference.
  • Trainers who request a change of blinkers must first secure permission from the Starter who will certify that the horse has broken from the gate with or without blinkers. This certification does not necessarily mean that the change of blinkers will be allowed. The Paddock Judge or Stewards will be the final authority as to whether or not the change of blinkers will be allowed. Blinker changes must be noted on the overnight entries.


  • The Rules of Racing adopted by the California Horse Racing Board govern all races
  • The following is for any maiden which has started in a maiden-claiming race of $32,000 or less:
    Maidens that have started in a maiden race of $18,000 or less will not be eligible.
    Maidens which have started in a maiden race of $32,000 or less at ANY TIME and have not finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in a maiden race greater than $18,000 within their last four starts will not be eligible. Non-claiming maiden races and any winners race of $12,500-10,500 or higher will be disregarded when applying this rule, unless the horse placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. Horses must start in at least four maiden-claiming races for this rule to apply.
  • Any eligible horse which starts at Betfair Hollywood Park may not lose eligibility during the meeting, except, an eligible horse which leaves during the meeting and races elsewhere must again satisfy the original eligibility requirements before being approved to return.


  • Two-year-olds can not be entered to race until two years after the horse’s foaling date.
  • All two-year-olds must be properly schooled and approved by the starter before being allowed to start.
  • All two-year-olds must be properly identified and tattooed by Racing Officials, before being allowed to start.
  • All owners and trainers are strongly urged to compare the identification markings on each horse’s foal papers with the actual horse to avoid errors which may result in the declaration of the horse from a race.


  • The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) requires a Certificate of Insurance verifying proper coverage be in their file before a trainer’s and/or owner’s license can be issued or a horse permitted to start. Telegrams or verbal contact will not suffice. A fax copy is acceptable.
  • Horsemen shipping from out of state are advised to bring such Worker’s Compensation documents for filing with the Board. Out of state insurances must state: COVERS ALL RACING OPERATIONS IN CALIFORNIA.


  • Scratch time will be 10:00 a.m. the race day prior to the races, or unless otherwise specified in the condition book for a particular day of racing.
  • In all overnight races with more than ten interests, trainers may declare out to that number by the specified scratch time, such practice to be determined by lot if necessary.
  • Scratches below ten may be made only by permission of the stewards.
  • Pursuant to CHRB Rules 1602 and 1629, only the stewards may declare a horse out of any overnight race after scratch time designated for the race, and this applies to those horses coupled as a single wagering interest.
  • The deadline for scratches from a stakes race, with exception of overnight stakes races (a purse of less than $100,000), will be no later than one hour before post time the day of the race. As a courtesy to the public, Hollywood Park requests that trainers wishing to scratch from a stakes race do so prior to the third race.
  • The deadline for scratches from an overnight stakes race (a purse of less than $100,000) will be 10:00 a.m. the race day prior to the races. In all overnight stakes races (a purse of less than $100,000) with more than eight interests, trainer may declare out to that number by the specified scratch time, such practice to be determined by lot if necessary.
  • Scratches below eight may be made only by permission of the stewards. Overnight stakes races (a purse of less than $100,000) will be treated as overnight races for declaration purposes only.
    Jockey Engagements
    Horses without a jockey named at entry time will have an alternate rider named by the Racing Office. Said horses must have a secured jockey by scratch time.
    Trainers must have an apprentice engaged before claiming an apprentice allowance.
    A Rider may be named on two horses in a race provided one is on the also-eligible list. A 1st and 2nd preference must be given.
    Any jockey taken off mounts due to illness is not eligible to be named on horses until approved by the Track Physician to the Stewards.
    A jockey engaged to ride any horse is bound to fulfill his engagement unless excused by the Stewards. Should a rider become injured or ill on the way to the post or at the gate and the Stewards designate a substitute rider, such rider will fulfill the order of the Stewards and complete the engagement on the horse.

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Claiming Procedures

The Sales Tax must be paid when claiming.

Authorized Agents

Anyone acting as an authorized agent must secure a license from the California Horse Racing Board.

Who May Claim?

A race horse entered in a claiming race may be claimed for its entered price by ANY licensed horse owner who has a horse registered to race at the meeting where the claim is to be made, or, by any licensed horse owner who has received a Claim Certificate from the Stewards, or by any person who has qualified for a license as horse owner and who has received a Claim Certificate from the Stewards.

Horse Owners with a Horse on the Grounds

A Licensed Horse Owner who is registered to participate at the race meeting and who has a horse on the grounds may make a claim for a horse without obtaining a Claim Certificate. Such an owner has obtained the services of a licensed trainer and has been determined to be a qualified horse owner by both the California Horse Racing Board and the racing association.

Licensed Horse Owners

An individual who has a valid license as a Horse Owner, even though he may not at the present time actually own a race horse registered to race, may request a Claim Certificate from the Stewards which will authorize a claim. The Stewards will review the individual’s qualifications, determine whether or not the individual has made proper arrangements with a licensed trainer for the care of any claimed horse, and will issue a Claim Certificate when satisfied that the owner meets allclaiming qualifications.

Unlicensed Persons

An individual who desires to become an owner of a race horse through claiming may request a Claim Certificate from the Stewards by the following method:

  • Submit a completed Application for Horse Owner’s License to the California Horse Racing board at the meeting where the Claim will be made.
  • The application must indicate the breed of the horse to be claimed and must state “To be claimed” in the question, which requires the names of all horses owned by the individual.
  • The applicant must have the name of a licensed trainer who will be responsible for the care of the claimed horse. In addition to the application, a financial statement, a complete fingerprint card, and a check or money order for the non-refundable fee is required.
  • The application will be processed and will be returned by the Board to the Stewards for a final recommendation. Upon approval, the Stewards may issue a Claim Certificate. When the Certificate is exercised, a Horse Owner’s license will be issued. An Owner’s License is not issued prior to the claim as one of the qualification for license is the ownership of a qualified race horse.
  • The time required for processing of the application is approximately 5 days.

1662 Sale or Transfer of Claimed Horse

No horse claimed out of a claiming race shall be sold or transferred to any person for racing purposes within 25 days exclusive of the day such horse was claimed.

16632 Entry of CLaimed Horse

A horse claimed out of a claiming race shall be eligible to race at any racing association within the State of California immediately after being claimed provided further that it shall not be eligible to start in any other claiming race for a period of 25 days exclusive of the day such horse was claimed for less than 25 percent more than the amount for which it was claimed; nor shall such claimed horse be eligible to race in any State other than California until the close of the meeting where it was claimed except to race in a stake race.

A claimed horse may be removed from the grounds of the association where it was claimed for non-racing purposes.

How long is the claim certificate valid?

A Claim Certificate is valid for the term indicated on the Certificate by the Stewards.

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Date Preference System

The Date System of preference will be used at Betfair Hollywood Park as described below:

  • Horses will not be eligible to receive a date until their papers are on file in the Racing Secretary’s office.
  • Preference dates will not supersede conditions of a race.
  • All registration papers submitted to the Betfair Hollywood Park Racing Office prior to 4:00 p.m. on the 1st racing day will receive a zero date. A horse keeps its zero until he runs or scratches.
  • All registration papers submitted after the 1st racing day will receive an R date of the day registered.
  • Maidens that run in non-claiming maiden races and any winners race will not lose their previously held date.
  • A zero date takes preference over a running date.
  • Horses that will receive a running date corresponding to the date they race and lose the date previously held.
  • Horses which are scratched will keep their R date for the day they scratch.
  • Any horse running in a stakes race at Betfair Hollywood Park will retain previously held preference date.
  • Preference dates are good at any distance and for any category, with the exception of Rule #2.
  • All horses placed on the Stewards, Veterinarian or Starters lists will be posted on the bulletin board. They will not be permitted to enter until they have been approved to start. Horses placed on these lists will keep their dates if they ran in the particular race in which they made the list. Horses which are scratched will be given a date for the day the horse comes off the list.
  • Horses which have established a date at the current meeting will lose that preference date should their papers be withdrawn from the Racing Office or demonstrate intent to race elsewhere. Should a horse’s papers be withdrawn from the Racing Office for just cause (i.e., tattoo, corrections, change of ownership, or clarification, etc.) the Racing Secretary may determine the status of the preference date established.
  • In no way does the claiming, ownership transfer or trainer transfer on a horse affect the preference date.
  • All registration papers turned in on a non-racing day and horses that come off a list on a non-racing day, the next racing day will be used as their preference date.
  • Dates received in non-claiming maiden races and any winners race will not apply to any maiden claiming race. (This preference rule is designed so that a maiden claimer can run in a non-claiming race or any winners race and that race will not count against that horse regarding his preference date when that horse is entered back into a maiden claiming race.)
  • Any horse that runs or is scratched from a race transferred from the turf to the dirt will retain its previous date.

Any horse on the “also eligible list” that is declared will retain his original date providing there are no scratches in the body of the race.

Horses on the also-eligible list are not “in today” horses. Such horses may enter for the succeeding day and receive any preference to which they may be entitled; however, if a horse gets in a succeeding race he will be scratched automatically from the race to which he was also eligible. Stakes races excluded. The status of such horses should be noted at the time of entry. Horses drawn into a race excepting sweepstakes, will be “in today” horses until that race has been run.

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General Conditions

California Horse Racing Board (CHRB)

  • The California Horse Racing Board Office, located next to the Stable Office, by Gate 7, is open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Licenses may be applied for and renewed. Full information on workmen’s compensation also is available at this office.
  • Trainers are requested to check and amend their list of all stable employees in order that their current license cards may be validated. Licenses will not be issued if worker is not on a work list.
  • The rules of racing adopted by the California Horse Racing Board govern all races under the auspices of Hollywood Park. A copy of these rules is available at the office of the California Horse Racing Board.
  • Under the rules and regulations of the California Horse Racing Board, all participants in racing, officials, owners, trainers, jockeys, etc., as well as pari-mutuel operators, are required to be licensed to serve in their respective capacities. Licenses shall expire in the third year on the last day of birth month of the licensee. Licenses for groom, stable employee, stable assistant and mule racing participant are valid from date of issuance through the calendar year and furnish a uniform identification for those actively engaged in the conduct of a race meet.
  • All owners must be licensed and insured before entries of their horses may be made. If in doubt, please check at the office of the California Horse Racing Board. Owners already licensed who have made change of trainers are requested to see that the insurance is properly adjusted in view of such change.
  • CHRB has released a memo stating that cellular phone usage while in the paddock/saddling area or receiving barn is prohibited.

Horsemen’s Bookkeeper

(310) 419-1644

  • The Paymaster of Purses Office is open from 10:00 a.m. until just after the last race on racing days to transact business with horsemen. Except on Friday’s, when twilight racing takes place, the office will be open from 1:00 p.m. until just after the last race.
  • No purse money will be available until cleared by California Horse Racing Board.
  • Owners and Trainers are required to deposit jockey fees with the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper before a horse starts in a race.

Horsemen’s Liaison Services

  • Seating for Races — Owners are offered seating on the days they have runners. Betfair Hollywood Park will provide either eight box seats or four Turf Club dining room seats per horse. Reservations for box seating, Turf Club tables and additional guests passes can be made by contacting the Racing Office.
  • Invitations for Stake Races — Owners and trainers of stakes race participants are invited to be the track’s guest for lunch in the Director’s Room. A table of eight will be offered to the connections of each horse. On race days when numerous stakes are to be run, this number may be lowered as to limited table availability. (Stakes with purses of less than $100,000 do not pertain.)
  • For reservations and more information, please contact Diane Hudak at (310) 419-1668.

Saddling Stalls

Betfair Hollywood Park has made available to horsemen three stalls in the paddock area for the saddling of unruly horses. Permission to use one of these stalls in the afternoon must be obtained from the Paddock Judge the morning of said horse’s race. Once the horse is saddled, he will be required to leave the stall and return to the walking ring. If upon reaching the walking ring a horse has become unruly prior to saddling, the Paddock Judge may grant permission to use one of the saddling stalls.


  • Horses shipping in race day: Horses receiving lasix injections are required to arrive at least five hours prior to post time of their race. All horses are required to arrive no later than two hours prior to the first post time.
  • Trainers shipping into another trainer’s stalls must let both the receiving barn and the stable office know the location of the horse for morning exam at 6:00 a.m. race day, failure to do so may result in a consultation with the stewards.
  • Receiving Barn (310) 419-1680 Stable Office (310) 419-1409


  • In order that proper identification be made by the Clockers of the horses working on the Main Track, a Clocker stationed at the Backside Clocker’s Stand with a head-set telephone, will be in communications with the Clockers in the Clocker Stand.
  • Trainers and exercise riders when they come on the Main Track are requested to notify the Clocker at the Backside Clocker’s Stand as to the name of the horse and the distance and pole from which the horse is going to break and work.
  • Phones are also in place at several backside locations by which the Clockers may be reached by dialing extension 7243.
  • The management requests all trainers when they send an exercise rider on the Main Track to work a horse or school a horse from the gate that they inform the exercise rider of the horse’s name. This is being done to protect the trainer from having an incorrect work given to the public.
  • Trainers wishing to work a horse during the afternoon race card must receive permission from the Racing Secretary.

The following are the workout criteria that will be in effect for the 2012 Spring/Summer Meet. The minimum official, recorded workout distances and number of works for horses to run at the 2012 Spring/Summer Meet are as follows:

  • All first-time starters: three works; one at least 5/8 mile; (Two Year Olds, 1/8 mile); the other two at least 3/8 mile and gate approval.
  • Horses which have not raced in 90 days, 3 works with at least two works during the last 60 days, one of which shall be at least 5/8 mile; and one work during the last 30 days.
  • Horses which have not raced in 60 days; two works, with one during the last 30 days.
  • Horses which have not raced in 30 days; one work at least three-eighths mile within those 30 days.
  • Horsemen seeking to run a horse not meeting the workout criteria must obtain the permission of the Stewards prior to entry.
  • Imported Horses: The workout requirement will be waived for horses entering in a stakes race within seven days of clearing U.S.D.A. quarantine, provided that the country of origin’s racing jurisdiction has no provision for timed workouts.
  • All horses to be removed from the Veterinarian’s List for unsoundness, bleeding from the respiratory tract, or exhaustion/unfitness must work five-eighths of a mile to the satisfaction of the Official Veterinarian no matter how long the horse has been on the Veterinarian’s List or turned out. A post-work blood sample shall be taken following the work.
  • All Horses to be removed from the Steward’s List for poor performance in their previous start must work five-eighths of a mile to the satisfaction of The Board of Stewards.

Turf Course

  • All races programmed to be run on the turf course may, in the event of a change in condition of the course, be transferred and run over the main track.
  • Turf races carded to be run at a distance of One Mile and One Half shall be run at One Mile and One Quarter on the main track.
  • Turf races carded to be run at a distance of One Mile shall be run at One Mile and One Sixteenth on the main track. All other races will be run at the original distances by which they were carded.

Shoes for Turf Course

  • Only flat, Queen’s Plate or Queen’s Plate XT shoes will be allowed on the front of hind shoes.
  • This rule will be strictly enforced for all races and morning workouts.
  • Any trainer disregarding this rule during morning workouts may lose Turf Work Privileges for his entire stable.

Turf Course Workouts

  • Turf Works will be held on Thursdays and Sundays starting at 10:00 a.m.
    Permission to work on the Turf Course must be secured from the Racing Secretary one day in advance.
  • Ponies will not be allowed on the Turf Course without the permission of the Racing Secretary.
  • No maidens or claimers will be allowed to work on the turf.
  • Workouts will be limited to those horses nominated to run in turf stakes only.


All shoes approved by other racing jurisdictions may be used on the main track; however, turndowns of more than 1/2 inch, front or hind, will not be permitted.

Medication and Vet’s List

Coggins Test

  • Horses shipped from out of state are required to have a current negative Coggins Test within the last six months. This should accompany a Health Certificate from an accredited veterinarian.


  • Registration with the Official Veterinarian for first time bleeders and out of state bleeders must be completed prior to entry time to be added to the California Bleeder List.
  • Bleeder status must be declared at entry time.
  • Treatment with Lasix is permitted 4 hours prior to post time with 5 cc Lasix only.
  • Premarin may be given at 4 hours prior to post time.
  • Yellow detention stall sign must be posted at time of treatment.

Permitted Medication.

One only of the following substances may be given no less than 24 hours prior to post time and must be reported to the Official Veterinarian by 10:30 a.m. of race day. The allowed levels in post race test samples are indicated:

  • Phenylbutazone: 5 mcg.
  • Ketoprofen: 50 Nanograms
  • Banamine: 0.5 mcg.
  • All other substances are either improper or prohibited substances when found in a post race test sample and may not be given after entry time.
    Trainers of horses shipping to Betfair Hollywood Park to race that do not go to the holding barn or regularly assigned stalls, must notify the State Veterinarian Office prior to 6:00 a.m. race day of their stabling location. Sickness Requiring a Veterinary Scratch.
  • The horse shall be placed on the Veterinarian’s List for five days and shall be ineligible to be entered to race until the sixth day after being placed on the Veterinarian’s List.
  • The return to sound health must be satisfactorily demonstrated to the Official Veterinarian or Racing Veterinarian before the horse may be removed from the Veterinarian’s List.

Fax-on-demand & Internet

  • Owners and Trainers wishing to receive overnights, worksheets, stake nominations, weights, etc., may do so by calling (310) 242-2150 on their fax machine.
  • This information is also available on the Internet at www.hollywoodpark.com.
  • If you have difficulties using these systems, contact Craig Peterson at (310) 419-1555, extensions 7160 or 7161.

Registration, Identification & Tattooing

  • Attention: Owners & Trainers – In compliance with a directive from the California Horse Racing Board, foal certificates must have the proper ownership displayed on the back in order to be eligible for registration and racing.
  • After a horse’s papers have been registered with the Racing Secretary, listing the owners, no horse will be transferred (unless claimed at this meeting); without permission of the Stewards who will require a notarized bill of sale from the registered owner.
  • No horse shall be permitted to start which has not been fully identified.
    The registration papers of every horse entered to start at this meeting must be on file with the Racing Secretary’s office before or at the time such entry is made, unless the Stewards permit otherwise.
  • In the event a horse is acquired and the papers have been lost or destroyed, arrangements can be made through the Horse Identification Office to obtain duplicates.
  • As per rule 1986A, the alteration or change of sex of horses will be strictly enforced.
  • Forms will be available to insure proper notification.
  • Tattooing of horses: All trainers are required to notify the Horse Identification Office of all un-tattooed horses as they arrive on the grounds.
  • Determination of the true sex of a claimed horse shall be the sole responsibility of the claimant, and mistakes in that regard printed in the official program or elsewhere shall not be considered basis for invalidating the claim.


  • Afternoon Paddock Schooling on race days.
  • Permission to school in the paddock during the races must be obtained from the Paddock Judge. Due to the limited schooling space, there will be no advanced reservations.
  • Stakes horses and “in today” horses will have preference.
  • Morning Paddock Schooling will take place every race day and Tuesdays (except when there is Monday racing) from 10:15 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Permission is not needed.
  • Gate Schooling every morning, except Tuesdays, from the 14-stall gate located in the quarter chute.

Pony Riders & Grooms

  • All grooms should be neatly dressed when taking horses to the paddock.
  • Pony riders taking horses to the post in the public parade must use jackets, shirts, helmet covers and saddle towels available at the stable office and must keep themselves and their mounts well groomed and their tack clean.

Stable Area (No dogs allowed in barn area)

Safety vests are REQUIRED for all jockeys, apprentice jockeys and exercise riders who train or exercise any horse on the grounds.

Stable Reservations

  • Applications for stalls for horses must be made in writing to Betfair Hollywood Park, giving the names and ages of horses, together with the respective owners and trainers.
  • Nominations in Stakes are made with the understanding that said nomination does not assure stall space for horses nominated. In the event a horses is barred from racing for any reason by the Stewards, all stake fees that have been paid on the horse for events to be run at Betfair Hollywood Park shall be refunded to the nominator from the subscription fees for the race or races.

Stable Maintenance Requests

  • In the event electrical equipment in your stall is not working, please notify the Stable Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. if possible.
  • The Stable Superintendent should be notified in the event of maintenance needs in any stalls, so that proper materials can be obtained.

Personnel Admission into Stable Area

  • The employees of each incoming stable must be registered by the trainer with the Personnel office at the stable gate.
  • A list of all stable employees must also be submitted to the California Horse Racing Board before any license will be validated for the Betfair Hollywood Park meeting.
  • Admittance to the Stable Area is restricted to owners, their guests, trainers and their em-ployees, racing officials and the working press upon presentation of proper credentials.
  • Only properly authorized visitors are admitted into the Stable Area.
  • Company representatives and persons wishing temporary admittance into the Stable Area will state their business at the gates and will be granted temporary passes.


  • The gatemen are instructed to pass into the Stable Area only those persons who have proper credentials. They will assist your in any way possible in supplying information you request in directing you to various barns or locating personnel.
  • They will gladly accept personal messages for delivery, but are not responsible for any errors or delays in their delivery.

Stable Area Parking

  • Parking and storing of automobiles under barn roofs at any time is strictly prohibited, as well as the dismantling or repairing of any cars in the Stable Area.
  • Speed Limit in the Stable Area – 10 Miles Per Hour

Stable Mail

  • The General Delivery office for the distribution of mail addressed to horsemen is located at the Stable Office, by Gate 7. Stable employee mail is distributed in the Chaplain’s Office. Mail not called for within ten days from receipt will be returned to the sender.
  • Registered and Special Delivery mail will be delivered to the barns, all other mail must be called for at the track post office.


  • All telegrams are delivered immediately to the stable post office for forwarding to the addressee, with the exception that during racing hours this delivery will be held up until after the last race to persons not authorized to receive or make telephone calls during this period.

Attention Trainers and Feedmen

  • Hay and Straw stored in feed rooms should not be piled higher than two feet below sprinkler heads.
  • Hay and straw must be stored in feed rooms.
  • Used straw and shavings must be placed in separate piles for pickup.
  • Storage of hay in the toe rings is prohibited.
  • All roadways between storage piles in hay yards should be kept clear of all loose hay, straw, and other combustibles at all times.

Investigative Report

  • In making any application for employment or to otherwise participate in Thoroughbred Racing, it is understood that an investigative report may be made whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with third parties, such as family members, business associates, financial sources, friends, neighbors, or others with whom you are acquainted. This inquiry includes information as to your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living, which may be applicable. You have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time for a complete and accurate disclosure of additional information concerning the nature and scope of the investigation.

Fire Prevention Rules

The following fire prevention rules and regulations pertaining to horsemen and the Hollywood Park Stable area will be in effect during 2012

  • Regardless of size of fire, turn in an alarm. When stabling please locate the nearest alarm box assigned to your stable. Also note the location of the fire extinguisher and the hose in your barn.
  • Positively no smoking is allowed in horse stalls, feed rooms or other hazardous places. Striking or lighting of matches in stalls or feed rooms is also prohibited.
  • If any fire equipment in your area is used or damaged, please report it at once to the Stable Superintendent, or to any uniformed security guard, or report directly to the Fire Marshall.
  • Do not connect any electrical appliances to lighting circuits at any time. Use convenience outlets on walls only for this purpose. Do not connect any two electrical appliances of 1000 watts or greater to any one convenience outlet circuit at any one time. If in doubt, contact the stable electrician.
  • Do not sleep in feed rooms. This is prohibited at all times.
  • Cigar and cigarette stubs: Have a metal container partly filled with water to dispose of same in each tack room or where needed. Make certain that matches and cigarettes are extinguished.
  • No parking of vehicles in front of fire equipment, barn runyards, gates, or barrier entrances to barns will be allowed.
  • Fire hose boxes and fire hydrants must remain in the clear, and the hose is to be used for fire only.
  • All types of rubbish containers must remain outside of barns away from underneath the barn roofs.
  • All electrical appliances must be in safe working condition. If they are not, report the electrical appliance trouble to the fire headquarters, to the security officers, or to the stable electrician.
  • Do not face electrical heaters or devices too close to walls, bedding, clothing or any material or flammable nature.
  • Use of flammable liquids in the barn area for spraying, cleaning, etc., is prohibited.
  • Any type of DDT spraying fluid with an oil base or other oil-based liquid used for spraying the barn area must be approved by fire personnel.
  • No open fires are permitted at any time.
  • Do not tie horses or dogs to gate barriers or guard rails around fire hydrants. * This also applies to fire hose boxes and extinguishers at the barns.
  • All horses must have halters on when they are in their stalls.
  • The halter shank is to be placed in the immediate vicinity of each horse.
  • You are not permitted to place a lock of any type on stall doors of horse.
  • In case of an emergency call Betfair Hollywood Park’s Emergency and Security Service 419-1555 (or extension 1555).
  • Emergency Fire Information (call 911)

In all cases of fire turn in an alarm and notify the following of its location

  • Inglewood Fire Department – For immediate response, call 911
  • Betfair Hollywood Park Communication (419-1555)
  • Track Superintendent (419-1500) extension 1312
  • Fire extinguishers are conveniently located in all barns and throughout the entire plant.
  • All horsemen and stable employees should learn the location of fire extinguishers in the vicinity of their stalls.

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Jockey and Trainer List

Download the file here

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California Thoroughbred Breeder's Fund

  • Should a California Bred race not be filled by 9:00 a.m. an announcement will be made of the number in the race. Should the race not fill by 9:15 a.m., it will then be opened with California Breds preferred at the draw.
  • A Cal-Bred horse which wins a non-winners of $3,000 other than maiden or claiming, or two races, for Cal-Breds, shall remain eligible for that comparable open allowance race, provided that horse did not win a race other than claiming or starter following that Cal-Bred win. Once a horse has won the two first condition allowance races (Cal-Bred and open), then the Cal-Bred win will be disregarded in future allowance races for eligi-bility purposes only.

Cal-Bred Purse Bonuses In Open Races (As provided in state law).

  • A 30% bonus is paid to Cal-Bred winners in open qualifying races, provided the runner is by a registered California stallion.
  • If the Cal-Bred is not by a registered California stallion, the runner still earns a 10% bonus for winning in open qualifying race.
  • Qualifying races are allowance races (including maiden and starter races) and higher-priced claiming races meeting the qualifying level set on a meet-by-meet basis. No stakes qualify for this bonus.

Bonus Expansion Program (Negotiated by TOC with the tracks to supplement the state-mandated program)

  • A 30% bonus is paid to Cal-Breds finishing second through fifth in open allowance races (including maiden) and open allowance/optional claiming races.
  • A 30% bonus is paid to Cal-Breds finishing first through fifth in open overnight stakes races.

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Betfair Hollywood Park Racetrack Dimensions

Cushion Track Dimensions

  • One and one eighth miles with 7 1/2 furlongs chute
  • Length of stretch from last turn: 991 feet
  • Finish line to first turn: 600 feet
  • Distance from 1 1/16 mile start to first turn: 352 feet
  • Distance from 1 1/8 mile start to first turn: 682 feet
  • Distance from 1 1/4 mile start to first turn: 1,342 feet
  • Distance from final turn to finish line: 990 feet
  • Distance from 6 furlong start (backstretch) to first turn: 1,647 feet
  • Width of stretch: 92 feet.
  • Banking on turns: 6 percent

Turf Course Dimensions

  • One mile, 165-foot oval, with diagonal chute
  • Main turf oval: 64 feet wide
  • Length of stretch from last turn: 990 feet
  • Finish line to first turn: 600 feet
  • Distance 1 mile start to first turn: 530 feet
  • Distance from 1 1/2 mile start(infield chute)to first turn: 443 feet
  • Distance from final turn to finish line: 990 feet
  • Banking on turns: 6 percent

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California Horse Racing Board

Visit their website

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Southern California Thoroughbred Racetrack Chaplaincy

Race Track Chaplaincy of America Sothern California chapter is a member of RTCA who sanctions and oversees 77 chaplains who serve at 117 tracks and training/breeding centers throughout North America and around the world.

Their mission is to provide, with excellence, for the spiritual, emotional, physical and social/educational needs of horse racing’s vast workforce.

Visit the Race Track Chaplaincy of America Sothern California chapter website

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Horsemen with a valid CHRB license receive a discounted rate. You must notify the hotel of your Hollywood Park horsemen’s status when making your reservation.

If you have het yet to receive a current CHRB license, please contact the Horsemen’s Liaison at (310) 419-1668 prior to making a reservation.

Betfair Hollywood Park Partner Hotels

  • Crowne Plaza LAX
    5985 West Century Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca. 90045
    (310) 642-7500 
  • Hilton Garden Inn LAX/El Segundo
    2100 E. Mariposa Avenue, El Segundo, Ca. 90245
    (310) 726-0100
  • Embassy Suites Los Angeles International/South
    1440 Imperial Avenue, El Segundo, Ca. 90245
    (310) 640-3600


  • Alaska Airlines – TBIT
    (800) 426-0333
  • Southwest Airlines – Terminal 1
    (800) 435-9792
  • US Airways – Terminal 1
    (800) 428-4322
  • Air Canada – Terminal 2
    (888) 247-2262
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Terminal 2
    (800) 367-5320
  • Northwest Airlines – Terminal 2
    (800) 225-2525
  • Virgin Atlantic – Terminal 2
    (800) 862-8621
  • West Jet – Terminal 2
    (888) 937-8538
  • Alaska Airlines – Terminal 3
    (800) 426-0333
  • Horizon Air – Terminal 3
    (800) 547-9308
  • American Airlines – Terminal 4
    (800) 433-7300
  • American Eagle – Terminal 4
    (800) 433-7300
  • Midwest Airlines – Terminal 4
    (800) 452-2022
  • Aeromexico – Terminal 5
    (800) 237-6639
  • Delta Air Lines – Terminal 5
    (800) 221-1212
  • AirTran Airways – Terminal 6
    (800) 247-8726
  • Continental Airlines – Terminal 6
    (800) 525-0280
  • Frontier Airlines – Terminal 6
    (800) 432-1359
  • Spirit Airlines – Terminal 6
    (800) 772-7117
  • Sun Country – Terminal 6
    (800) 359-6786
  • United Airlines (Premier, First Class, Business Class Only) – Terminal 6
    (800) 241-6522
  • United Airlines (E-Ticket Passengers) – Terminal 7
    (800) 241-6522
  • United Express (E-Ticket Passengers) – Terminal 7
    (800) 241-6522
  • United Airlines (Paper Tickets and Non Ticketed) – Terminal 8
    (800) 241-6522
  • United Express Airlines (Paper Tickets and Non Ticketed) – Terminal 8
    (800) 241-6522

Car Rentals

Ten rental car companies are permitted to pick-up and drop-off their customers directly from the airline terminals using courtesy shuttles. These are the following companies:

  • Advantage – (310) 846-0004
  • Alamo – (888) 826-6893
  • Avis – (310) 646-5600 
  • Budget – (310) 670-1744
  • Dollar – (866) 434-2226
  • Enterprise – (310) 649-5400
  • Hertz – (310) 216-6799 
  • Fox – (800) 225-4369
  • Payless – (310) 645-2100
  • National – (888) 826-6890
  • Thrifty – (310) 645-1880

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Important Phone Numbers and Contacts

  • Racing Office (310) 419-1684 – Fax (310) 672-4664
  • Racing Secretary: Martin Panza (310) 419-1684
  • Stakes Coorinator: Dan Edison (310) 505-4546
  • Horsemen’s Liaison: Sandy King (310) 419-1668
  • Horsemen’s Bookkeeper: Susan Winter (310) 419-1644 Fax (310) 677-4103
  • Horsemen’s Paymaster Account Statements

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