$288,000 - Melair Stakes - 17th Running - 1 1/8 Miles

Jockey and Trainer Quotes
Posted 04.28.12 at 4:57

Jockey Quotes

MARTIN PEDROZA, WILLA B AWESOME, Winner: “I’ve been riding for years and if I have something broken and if I can ride, you know me, I do it. I could have ridden if I had two broken ribs, but I had four. It doesn’t bother me, you’ve seen me ride. The doctor said ‘Two weeks and then it’s up to you. There’s nothing anybody can do about it, they’re going to heal on their own. If it was anything else, collar bone, finger, then I can’t ride. I’ve got a flak jacket on and a bandage underneath. The first one I rode back, I had the bandage too tight and I couldn’t breath. Thank goodness I found out (about it being too tight), before I rode the other one. The doctor said to try to keep the ribs so they don’t move. The first horse I worked when I came back, I actually felt my ribs move. That’s when I adjusted the bandage a littler higher. I wasn’t going to let that other horse get away, because I believe in my filly. I figured that other filly (Starry Skies), she’s two for two and I can’t let her get away because she might hang in there tough and beat me at the end. I got side by side with her to make her do a little something. The other filly hung in pretty tough, I’ll give her credit.”

JOEL ROSARIO, STARRY SKIES, Second: “She put in a good race for her first time going long. Even though she got beat like that, really close, she ran great. She’ll be better the next time she goes long.’’

Trainer Quotes

WALTHER SOLIS, WILLA B AWESOME, Winner: “I thought she was going to win easy on the turn, but you have to think about it, we were giving eight pounds (124-116) to the other filly (Starry Skies). I know that was the first time the other filly was stretching out. I was concerned right after the race because I didn’t know if she won or not. Now we have to get together with the partnership to see where we’re going from this point. We’ll either give her the break that we had planned or we’ll try for the (Grade II, $150,000) Hollywood Oaks (June 23).”


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